Sharing Links Between your Desktop and Mobile

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 19, 2010

You have a bunch of websites open on your desktop browser that you would like to catch up later from your mobile phone. What are the best options other than emailing yourself?

desktop to mobileThere are generally two kinds of services that can help you transfer links from the desktop to a mobile browser.

The first set comprises of online bookmarking services like or Google Bookmarks – you bookmark the pages, that you want to check later, from your desktop and then access them from any another device using the mobile website of the bookmarking service.

Then there are services like InstaPaper and Read it Later that go a step further – they don’t just save the address of a page but also the content so you may read the full web page on your mobile phone even in offline mode.

Now while the above mentioned services do solve our original problem, if you are looking for something more simple without all the extra weight and features, check out Kippt.

Just sign-up with your existing Twitter, Facebook or Google Account and add a little bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. When you click this bookmarklet, it will instantly save the address of the current page to your online Kippt account that you may access from anywhere.

Web Links on Mobile Phone

Kippt’s website is minimal and perfectly optimized for mobile browsers. There’s a list of your links in reverse chronological order with a delete button and nothing more.

However what I love most about Kippt is their bookmarklet – it doesn’t bother you with any kind of notifications – click once and the page URL is saved. Give it a shot!

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