Free StarOffice Removed from Google Pack

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

staroffice removedStarOffice, which is a Microsoft Office like productivity suite from Sun, costs around $70 but the world got a chance to download this software for free as it was bundled with Google Pack.

Some bad news though. I was checking the Google Pack site today and felt little surprised to see that StarOffice has been completely removed from the Google Pack.

Other non-Google software like Adobe Reader, Skype, Real Player and Norton Scanner continue to be a part of Google Pack as before.

The Google Pack help page, that had more details about the StarOffice offer, is now offline as well though you may still find some traces in Google Cache.


Why did Google dump Sun StarOffice

Google signed a distribution deal with Sun around an year ago when their own Google Docs software comprised of a word processor and spreadsheets but no presentation software.

Google Docs has added tons of new features in the past few months and therefore it probably didn’t make sense for Google to support another Office suite.

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