Microsoft FrameIt Turns Web Pages & Feeds into Framed Images

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 31, 2008

Microsoft FrameItMicrosoft FrameIt is a new service from Windows Live that is primarily designed for people who have digital photo frames but others may also find it equally interesting as well.

FrameIt lets you easily combine blog feeds, photo streams (like Flickr) and regular web pages into a single RSS feed. And since photo frames cannot render HTML or text, Frames actually converts all the feed items and web pages into images as this example.

Feeds in a Frame

When dealing with regular web pages, FrameIt offers two options – you can either show the full web page in your FrameIt feed or your can configure FrameIt to just pull out the images that are embedded in that web page.

Setting Up Feeds in FrameIt

So I can create a FrameIt feed for the Google homepage with the latter option and will therefore know when the Google Doodle (logo) on the homepage has changed.

Windows Live FrameIt | Official Blog | Thanks Chris.

Here’s the same feed but with a different resolution and color scheme.

Red Picture Frame

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