Firefox Logo Drawn Using Firefox Itself

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 13, 2009

Firefox 3.7 will not just have an awesome interface but it will also include support for multi-touch enabled devices.

In this video, Marcio Galli demonstrates how he could draw paint a logo of Firefox on a touch-screen laptop running the latest build of Firefox 3.7 using nothing but his fingers and a simple JavaScript based drawing application that utilizes the Canvas tag and the touch events API of Firefox 3.7.

You can view the HTML source of the page to understand how easy it is to write a multi-touch enabled application in Firefox 3.7. The drawing application showcased in the video utilizes less than 70 lines of code and it’s all very easy to understand.

function load() {

  function listenTo(event) {
   canvasctx.arc(event.clientX, event.clientY, 20, 0, Math.PI*2, 1);

  document.addEventListener("MozTouchMove", listenTo, false);

If you have a touch-screen computer like a tablet or the multi-touch enabled system like the HP TouchSmart, you can download the latest release of Firefox 3.7 from Mozilla’s FTP servers and play around with the application yourself. Firefox 3.7 is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The upcoming Firefox 3.6 release will have basic support for touch-enabled devices like you will be able scroll & pan web pages, select text on the screen or use menus through the touch-screen. However, if you are looking to build touch applications that can capture user interactions or hand-gestures, you’ll have to wait until Firefox 3.7 that is expected sometime in 2010.

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