Find Job Salaries of Professionals Who Work on H1B Visa for US Companies

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 25, 2008

h1b salaries American companies who employ foreign professionals under the H1-B Visa program are probably required to file the salaries and other compensation details of these hired workers with the US Labor Department.

This database is public and available for download in text or Microsoft Access format at the Online Wage Library – a site that is also maintained by US Department of Labor.

Taking this data, Venkatesh Rangarajan has created a salary search engine at that’s hosted on Google App Engine and claims to have accurate salary information for over 500K jobs offered by various Fortune 500 companies across US.

Here are some sample salary queries that you may try at Computer Scientist at Adobe, Software Engineer at Microsoft, Manager at Google Inc., Vice President – Goldman Sachs, Project Manager from Infosys, Programmer Analyst from Wipro..

Payrate has wage data until 2007 but if you are looking for more current salaries, check out Glass Door (for finance and IT) or the salary reports on Pay Scale.

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