Find your Facebook Friends by City with Bing

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 14, 2010

If you wish to know the current location (city) of your Facebook friends, there are two options.

A. Facebook Friends Explorer

You can open the Friends Explorer in Facebook, choose the “Browse by City” option and then select the city name from the other drop down menu as shown in the above screenshot.

Facebook Friends City

B. Bing Maps

The other good option is Bing Maps – it not only lets you visually browse the current location of your Facebook friends on a map but you can also see the location of them all in one go.

To map your Facebook friends current location through Bing Maps, simply press the Facebook Connect button on the Bing Maps website, authorize the application and within minutes, you can see all your friends, who have listed a “Current City” in their Facebook profile, on the world map.

There’s something more. You can click the picture pin of any Facebook friend and write on his or her wall without leaving the Bing Maps application.

Friends City Map

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