Internet World Maps

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 2, 2011

This world map shows the popularity of social networking websites in different countries. Orkut sweeps Brazil and India, LiveJournal is in Russia while MySpace is all over Australia. Credit: ValleyWag

internet density map internet-connection

The above visualizations show the density of Internet connections worldwide and how international cities are connected. Credit: Chris

internet black hole censorship

The Internet Black Hole world map depict countries where Internet Filtering is common and freedom of online expression is a rare commodity. China, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and other countries where Internet access is restricted are included in the Black Hole world map. Credit: RSF

The map shows regions where blogging and Web 2.0 is popular. The bulk of is concentrated in North America, Europe, Australia and South Asia. Countries Where Web 2.0 Is Popular


This poster of online communities shows the various social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, etc represented as islands and continents in the style of a “treasure map.” The relative size of the land roughly represents the size of that community on the web. Credit: xkcd

night earth

And finally, this real image of the world from NASA shows what our planet Earth looks like at night. The bright portions are due to the city lights.

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