Unlocked Apple iPhone That Accepts Any GSM SIM Card

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 29, 2007

unlock iphone gsmWill Apple release an unlocked iPhone (that accepts sim card of any cellular operator like other GSM phones) – that may be the top question in your mind now as Apple iPhone is all set to debut in few hours on AT&T stores in North America.

There’s little reason to believe that Apple will themselves release an unlocked iPhone given their exclusive contract with AT&T [so don’t expect iPhone in India yet] but there’s a high probability that creative minds will find some workarounds and the unlocked model of iPhone may soon be on eBay stores in India and around the world. For now, you may buy iPhone books and accessories.

The Unlocked phone may not have everything that comes with the Cingular-Apple package [like Google Maps] but still, you will have an iPhone handset that can SMS or make voice calls. Set an alert on eBay and the good news may be in your inbox soon.

The latest auction for unlocked iPhone on eBay was running for $352 but looks like the Apple lawyers have flexed their muscle and it’s offline now. iPhone vs Blackberry, N95, Wallpapers

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