Screenshots of Google AdSense Ads in FeedBurner RSS Feeds

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 2, 2008

Spotted these Google AdSense ads in a RSS feed that is syndicated through FeedBurner.


These Google ads are also contextual and appear after every article in the feed.  Unlike the regular AdSense ads that are rendered via JavaScript, these feed ads are served as image maps in 468×30 format.

You can find some additional screenshots below. May be these ads are part of the AdSense for feeds program that is under beta testing with select AdSense publishers or they could be related to the upcoming AdSense for FeedBurner Feeds program.

ads-rss-feeds ads-google-2

To view these AdSense feed ads, go through Bloglines or just open this FeedBurner link in IE browser. And here’s the sample AdSense code that is integrated in the Feed XML to generate these Google ads:

<map name="google_ad_map_abc"><area shape="rect" href="" coords="1,2,367,28"/><area shape="rect" href="" coords="384,10,453,23"/></map><img usemap="#google_ad_map_abc" border="0" src=""/>

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