Read Your Orkut Scrapbook on Mobile Phones –

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 12, 2008

orkut mobile website Google has just launched a mobile version of Orkut at – this new mobile site lets you read scraps, receive updates from existing friends plus you can approve or decline new friend requests.

You can also navigate the Orkut mobile using keypad shortcuts on your mobile phone like 3 for (F)riends, 7 for (S)crapbook, etc.

If you have no mobile phone, I still recommend checking out the mobile version of Orkut on your desktop as it sports a minimalist theme so the scrapbook looks very cleans, no like another MySpace page.

orkut scraps And don’t let your boss know about this – if the main website of Orkut is blocked in your office, there are chances that could still be accessible.

Orkut mobile edition is slightly buggy but that shouldn’t be a problem considering that Google has not officially announced the site yet. Credits for discovering this secret Orkut mobile website go to the eagle-eyed Rahul, InsideOrkut and Haochi.

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