Compare Your Typing Speed With Other Friends on Orkut – Live

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 17, 2008

You can now add OpenSocial applications to your Orkut profile just like way you add apps in Facebook. Your friends can see list and your interactions get published to your Orkut news feed.

Currently the Orkut directory includes only a limited number of applications but a very interesting app, that you would even miss in Facebook, is this TypeRacer typing game.

It’s an online racing game where you can compare your typing speed with other Orkut friends in real-time. The faster you type, the sooner your car will hit the finish line. Extremely addictive.

For those who are not on Orkut, they can still enjoy the game at but with anonymous people.

Coming back to Orkut apps, you can add a maximum of 25 apps to your profile.  That’s different from Facebook where you can clutter your own profile page with infinite number of apps.

And in case you like to connect, here’s my Orkut page.

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