A Twitter Background Made Using Photos of Facebook Friends

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 10, 2008

The background of my Twitter page is done using profile images of all my Facebook friends captured via the picture collage trick.


As Shripriya pointed out, Facebook has made some changes in their layout so you now need to follow a slightly different route to create that grid of friends.

Open Facebook, go to Friends -> More.. and then select "–" from the drop down.

facebook collage

What you have now on the screen is a large collage of all your Facebook contacts. Capture this as a single image using this screen grabber, then convert this vertical image into a wide horizontal image using some image editor and set it as a Twitter background.

Alternatively, you can download that Facebook page with images to your hard drive and create a more interesting collage from scratch using Picasa.

picasa collage

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