Quiz Time: Identify These Ten Famous Web Personalities

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 10, 2007

Q 1. She is an actress and a musician but what made her famous on the web was her role in a search engine.

Q 2. This son of a former Nigerian President is one of the most famous bloggers at Microsoft.

Q 3. Can you recognize the James Bond look alike in this photograph. He also worked at CNET for some time.


Q 4. The most well known SEO who also works for About.com / The New York Times.

Q 5. Identify this very famous Daddy of the Internet.


Q 6. This is probably the busiest blogging office in the world. Identify the blogtrepreneur.

Q 7. This US senator once referred to the Internet as a “series of tubes”.


Q 8. This man wrote a software that now exists on the desktop of virtually every graphic designer across the world.


Q 9. He is one of the most famous AdSense publishers making millions of dollars from a single website.

Q 10. This former Googler has never written a line of code but GOOG stock options have made him a multi-millionaire.


You can leave your answers in the comments section.

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