Google AdSense Ads Display Live Prices Like AuctionAds

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 10, 2007

Google may have plans to take on advertising programs like AuctionAds, Chitika or WidgetBucks that have become quite popular alternatives to AdSense ads.

That’s evident from an AdWords campaign current up on Google that is also contextual and displays live products prices fetched directly from eBay auctions. Here are some screenshots of these new and dynamic AdSense ads (click to enlarge):

leaderboard LeaderBoard Adsense Medium Rectangle Adsense

To see more examples of such Google AdSense ads with live prices, visit the Google AdSense Sandbox, select US as the country and type the name of some mobile phone like BlackBerry or Nokia N95.

These dynamic Google AdSense ads, served through Google Gadgets (example), do not carry the traditional “Ads by Google” message and also take a bit longer to load than the regular text or image ads. They could be either CPC or CPM ads but definitely not CPA (or referral ads).

We never got to try the eBay AdContext program but this is close.

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