Is FriendFeed Adding Friends To Your Account Without Asking?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 24, 2008
friendfeed subscribers

I follow some 25 people on FriendFeed but now the system says that I am subscribed to updates from 160 FriendFeed users. The old subscription list is still in Google Cache.

Would anyone have a clue how so many new people got added mysteriously to my FriendFeed account ?

1. I changed my FriendFeed password recently – did that change trigger this ?

2. Also installed Alert Thingy – it that FriendFeed desktop app a culprit ? Very unlikely.

3. Is it some bug in FriendFeed that makes you follow anyone who subscribes to your updates ? This could be one of the possibilities.

Thoughts? (Also see: "Favorite Features of FriendFeed")

Update: Atul Arora nailed the issue. I added the FriendFeed application to my Facebook page and it automatically subscribed me updates from all Facebook friends who also exist on FriendFeed. Now that’s a surprise.

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