The Blog Readability Badge Can Harm Your Website Rankings

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 11, 2007

blog-readability-test Blog Readability Test is an online tool that analyzes the readability level of any blog or website – you type the website URL and this tool will suggest the kind of education that is required for visitors to understand your writing.

Is it any good ? Well this blog’s readability level is Genius while that of SlashDot is “Junior High Scool” so you can easily make that conclusion.

The real concerning part is that they have added a hidden link in the embed code pointing to an Online Cash Loans website – and the font size is in small so most people are likely to miss that hidden link.


The test might be fun to take the readability test but if you decide to display the badge on your site as it it is, that could prove very harmful to your site rankings in Google.

Meredith and Paul made that discovery last month itself but unfortunately, the Blog Reading Level badge still continues to get attention even from popular websites like Wired, Blorge and Mental Floss. Keep yourself away.

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