Adobe Media Player vs Real Video Player 11 (Flash Video)

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

Adobe Media Player will let you download video podcasts and streaming flash video (unprotected .flv) from video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video,, etc. The new Real Player 11 will also allow users to save Flash Video files from the internet.

So what’s the different between Real Player 11 and the Adobe Media Player ? From the Adobe PM:

The Adobe Media Player allows end users to take Flash video offline but in a more structured way that revolves around media RSS feeds.

Adobe Media Player has many additional features for end-users, like the My Shows video aggregator where new episodes can be automatically downloaded from the publisher directly, as well as Saved Videos for managing local FLV files.

Adobe Media Player fully supports the business of content publishers, this means allowing publishers to manage content distribution and monetization with features like branding, advertising, tracking, reporting, and content protection.

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