Getting Too Many Emails from Facebook? Turn Them into a Daily Digest

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FacebookYou get an email notification from Facebook every time someone adds you as a friend on Facebook or confirms your existing friendship request. You also get emails when people post something on your wall or comment on photos that you have shared on Facebook.

If you are connected with only a limited number of people on Facebook, these notifications are probably not an issue but if you have a few hundred friends on Facebook, these “not so urgent” notifications might well be choking your mailbox.

Dealing with Facebook Email Overload

You can do a search for inside Gmail to find the number of emails that you are getting just because of that Facebook account.

If you like to reduce that number, here’s a quick tip that will help you turn these multiple notifications into a single daily email digest.

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Open your Facebook Account and clear the Email option for every action except the one that says “Sends me a message”. You may also want to turn off email notifications for all third-party applications that are attached to your Facebook profile.

Next, open the Facebook Notifications page and deselect notifications from all Facebook applications except the official apps which include Friends, Wall, Links and Gifts.

Now copy the address of the RSS Feed that says “Your Notifications” and copy-paste that link into FeedBlitz to receive a daily email digest of all activity happening around your Facebook profile.

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Alternatively, you can use an RSS reader like Google Reader or FeedDemon to subscribe to your Facebook Notifications feed.

The only problem is that these will make your Facebook Notifications feed public. It that makes you a bit uncomfortable, you can either use the Live Bookmarks feature in Firefox to subscribe to the Facebook feed in private or simply bookmark the Facebook Notifications page in your browser and check it maybe once in a day.

Published in: email overload - Facebook - Software Hacks

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