Easily Export your Nokia Contacts to another Phone

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 3, 2012
nokia contacts

The address book of your Nokia phone is stored in the online Ovi Contacts – just like Android phones use Google Contacts – but with one big limitation.

Ovi, until now, offered no export feature so there was no easy way to download your phone’s address book from the web to the computer unless you had a Nokia device at hand. The Ovi Suite, Nokia’s desktop synchronization software, didn’t have an export option for Contacts either so your phone contacts were sort-of locked in Nokia’s cloud.

Shubha earlier wrote:

I was using a Nokia E-72 and the data was backed up on Ovi.com, so it’s online and not on my laptop. I am now using an iPhone and would like to sync my contacts but how shall I do that? The original Nokia phone was unfortunately stolen.

Well there’s an easy solution now.

Nokia is discontinuing the Ovi Contacts website (the service will stay but you won’t be able to access your address book from the web browser) and this could be a blessing in disguise for people like Shubha who have moved from Nokia to other platforms.

Nokia has set up a microsite – exportcontacts.ovi.com – where you can download your entire Ovi address book in the popular CSV format with a click. You don’t need the Nokia device or the Ovi desktop suite to export your contacts. The CSV file can can then be imported into Google Contacts and it will intelligently merge the duplicate contacts.

You got to do this soon as, according to an email from Nokia, the web access to Ovi Contacts will be disable after January 24, 2012.

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