The 1:1 Exchange Rate Bug in Google AdSense

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 2, 2009

The last week of every month is quite exciting for AdSense publishers because that’s the period when Google issues payment for the preceding month.

There’s a surprise element as well particularly among foreign AdSense publishers as they get to know the exact payment made in their local currency using the prevailing exchange rate.

Now last month, a bug was discovered in the AdSense system that showed the currency exchange rate as 1:1 meaning 1 US $ is equivalent to 1 Indian Rupee. So if you earned $500, the amount in local currency would be reflected as INR 500.

Luckily, it was merely a reporting error because Google issued checks using the correct rates but it still took about a week for Google to update the online dashboard.

A month has passed but that 1:1 exchange rate bug is not fixed yet. Your status may have changed from "Payment in Progress" to "Payment Issued" but the amount in local currency would be the same as what you earned in US dollars.

Not sure if this bug is too complicated to fix or has a low priority status. Either way, AdSense publishers are not too happy about it as this snapshot says:


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