Embed SlideShare Presentations without Flash

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 12, 2010

Your PowerPoint presentation is hosted on SlideShare and you want to embed it onto your website? That’s simple – just grab the embed code for the presentation and copy-paste it anywhere in your site.

There’s however a small problem here. SlideShare uses the Flash Player and thus, your embedded slides won’t be available to visitors who are either using mobile devices or don’t have the Flash plug-in on their computers (like the new Macbook Airs).

Christian Heilmann, former Developer Evangelist at Yahoo, has come up with an excellent solution to this problem. Go to icant.co.uk, enter the URL of your SlideShare presentation and the tool will generated an IFRAME based embed code that will work in all web browser without requiring the Flash player plugin.

Internally, the tool takes the mobile version of a SlideShare presentation and wraps it as an image slideshow using the YUI library. The full code is available on GitHub and you may even host it on your own web server.

To give you an example, here’s a Slideshare deck embedded using Flash Player..

..and this is the same deck embedded using plain HTML. All it misses is the full-screen mode.

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