Zoho, slowly but surely, Trying Hard to Make Inroads into Web Email

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http://img.labnol.org/di/images/ZohoOfficeBusinessModel_A3B2/zohoofficelogo.gifYou normally associate the Zoho brand with web office and as a company that is both innovative and makes really good products.

Zoho has long been competing, almost head-on, with Google Docs but now they have another Google product in sight – Gmail.

Zoho introduced web mail last month with goodies that are missing in Gmail. For instance, you get unlimited storage (Gmail has a 7 GB limit), there are no contextual ads and you can read mails offline via Google Gears. The world is still waiting for Google to add offline support in Gmail.

Best of all, you can get into Zoho Mail using an existing Gmail / Google Account.

Are these features convincing enough for Gmail users to make a switch or even try Zoho Mail? I don’t know but these twitter reactions and forum threads do lend some clues.

So what is Zoho trying next to give users a feel of their new mail service? I logged into Zoho Office yesterday (using Google Account) to check their remote log-out feature but instead of opening the documents dashboard, Zoho took me to the Inbox view of Zoho Mail.

When you have the application opened (even without asking), chances are high that you’ll spend some time exploring it. Not a bad idea but there should be an easy way for users to change the default preference for the Zoho start page.

Update: You can now set Zoho as your default mail client in Firefox similar to Google & Yahoo mail.

Published in: Gmail - zoho

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