Surf the Web via Email

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 30, 2013

If you work in an office where employees have no access to Internet but are allowed to send and receive email, the new Web-In-Mail service from Rediff will come very handy.

“Web In Mail” lets you fetch full web pages to your inbox by simple email commands. You may even perform searches on Google Web and Google Image through email.

web pages by email
Full HTML Web Pages Delivered to your Inbox

To browse a web page, send a blank email message to with the page URL as the subject. If you like to search google, send an email to the same address but the subject should say google:query (e.g. google: how to impress your boss).

Update: This no longer works. See this alternative web by email service.

html page in inbox

You can read emails in Outlook, Blackberry or any email client that understands HTML.

And there’s something smart about Web in Mail as noted by Allen Stern – it rewrites all the links in the web page as mailto. That means you’ll automatically launch a blank email message when you click any of the hyperlinks in the existing email.

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