Let Others Know You're Suffering from Email Overload

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The past few days were hectic and you have not been able to reply to the various email messages that have piled up in your Gmail inbox. The email senders are waiting for your response and you’re still buried in the overloaded Inbox.

email - do not disturb

Let Everyone Know You’re Busy with Email

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an automated way to let others know that you are suffering from email overload and that it would be unfair to expect an immediate response from your side?

Enter Courteous.ly, a new tool for Gmail that reads the current state of your Gmail inbox – stats like how many messages you have in the inbox, how many are unread, etc. – and then estimates how busy you are.

Your Inbox analysis is published to a separate web page and anyone may access that page to know if your current email load is light or high. Thus the expectations are set right.

The program connects with your Gmail account via OAuth and polls your inbox every 10 minutes. You may add your unique URL to your email signature, or to your out-of-office auto-reply, so people know where to go in case they don’t hear from you for long.

Thank you Amber Mac for the tip. The above “Do Not Disturb” drawing was made by Marc Johns and is available as a post-in note.

Published in: Gmail

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