A New Dropbox Edition for your Business

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012

dropbox for teamsDropbox today introduced a new edition for small businesses and other organizations who are considering moving to a cloud based solution for file sharing and synchronization .

Aptly named as Dropbox for Teams, this edition offers all the features that are available in the standard Dropbox edition but here, you buy a single pool of storage space that is then shared by all the other members of your team.

As an admin, you can centrally manage the whole Dropbox account and add /remove users as per need, buy additional storage for the common pool and more. Unlike the standard edition where the maximum space that you can have is 100 GB per account, Dropbox for Teams edition lets you buy as much storage as you need for the whole team.

Now comes the pricing. The Dropbox for Teams plan starts at $795/year and this comes with 350 GB of storage to be shared among five users. It sounds steep but if you have enough users in your organization using the 100 GB Dropbox plan for official purposes, the team edition actually turns out be less expensive. However, here you don’t have the option to pay monthly.

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