Quickly Discover the Most Popular Links on a Page

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 23, 2012

Compare these two web pages – page A and page B. They have identical content, just a bunch of external links, but the latter page makes it really easy for you to visually discover how popular the various links are on the social web.

most popular pages

The numbers in these colored boxes represent how many times a particular page has been tweeted or shared on Twitter. Red boxes represent a very high number of tweets (500+) while boxes colored green mean the page is moderately popular on Twitter.

This is much like the Site Overlay (now In-Page Analytics) feature of Google Analytics except that here you see Twitter sharing stats superimposed on a web page.

To give this a try, go to twittrd.ericson.net and input the URL of any web page that has a good number of outgoing links (for example, techmeme.com).

If the service has not exceeded the quote of Topsy API requests, you should see Twitter numbers for every single link on that page as in the next screenshot.

techmeme river

Also : If you would like to see the Facebook sharing stats for an RSS feed, check this social analytics tool.

Thank you Mathew Ingram for the tip.

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