Yay! Digg is Permanently Removing the Diggbar for all but Digg Users

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 16, 2009

diggbar Good news folks. If you are not logged into your Digg account, you’ll never ever see the controversial Diggbar on web pages again even if you visit these pages via a Digg short URL.

The strong, and often negative, feedback from bloggers, SEOs and concerned site owners have pushed Digg back to the drawing board and they’re in the process of making some big changes to the Diggbar.

Here’s a summary of what’s coming in simple English:

1. If you are anonymously browsing the Digg website, all URLs will point directly to the publishers web page and they’ll appear without the annoying Digg frame.

2. The Digg short URLs will do a 301 permanent redirect instead of rel=canonical thus flowing all the Google juice back to the publishers site.

3. Since search engines bots are equivalent to anonymous visitors, they’ll never see any short URLs on the Digg.com site.

4. Diggbar will be visible only if you are logged into your Digg account. But don’t worry, you will still have the option to disable the toolbar from settings and opt-out permanently even if you are logged-in.

The above changes are expected to go live sometime next week. For someone like me who rarely uses Digg, the Diggbar is now just another URL shortening service similar to tinyURL or bit.ly.

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