Facebook to Users: We Are Sorry, Please Don’t Delete Your Account

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 19, 2009

It looks like lot of Facebook users have deleted (or are in the process of deleting) their Facebook profiles due to the recent uproar over Facebook’s new privacy policies.

Facebook has since then reverted to the old terms of service but that may not have prevented exodus so they now also show a "we are sorry" message to anyone who tries to erase his or her Facebook account.

delete facebook account

The highlighted text reads:

Are you deleting because you are concerned about Facebook’s Terms of Service? This was a mistake that we have now corrected. You own the information you put on Facebook and you control what happens to it. We are sorry for the confusion.

You can see this page live here but please don’t click the submit button else it will permanently delete your Facebook account and there’s no way to reactivate a closed account. Thanks Jeremiah.

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