Compare Product Prices from eBay and Amazon

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012

Amazon or eBay? If you are wondering which of these online shopping sites would offer you the cheapest rates for that book or music DVD, here’s help.

Amazon and eBay Comparison Shopping

Q-Compare is a useful tool that will let you compare prices of products from both eBay and Amazon marketplaces on the same page. You may use the service to compare the current prices and shipping charges of books, DVDs, electronics and all the other product categories.

What’s unique about Q-Compare is that it works for all countries where eBay has a presence. For instance, you can select “India” as your country and the tool will only display products that are available for auction / sale on the eBay India site (

All prices are listed in USD but if you open the actual eBay listing, they will be converted into your local currency. Thanks Phil Bradley for the tip!

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