Find if your Email Address Got Leaked through Gawker

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 18, 2012

The user database of Gawker Media has been hacked and the email addresses, user names (aliases) and encrypted passwords of millions of Gawker commenters have now been posted on the web and are viewable by anyone.

Should you be worried?

This is a potentially serious incident because Gawker Media is the publisher of several popular blogs like LifeHacker and Gizmodo and if you have ever commented on any one of these sites, chances are that your email address is now on the public web.

The problem becomes a bit more serious for people who tend to use common passwords (like “password”) and those who share the same credentials across their other online accounts.

Is your account information leaked?

To check if your email address / password /username got leaked through the Gawker database, follow these steps:

1. Go here, type your email address in the Input box and click MD5. This will generate an MD5 hash of your email address. Copy the string to the clipboard to the clipboard.

2. Go here, click on “Show Options” and choose “MD5” from the drop-down. Paste the MD5 string from Step. 1 in the input box here and click apply.

If you see a matching row, it’s time to change your Gawker password ASAP and do check your other online accounts where you may be using that same ID / email address.

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[*] The usernames and email addresses shown in the above graphic are only for illustration purpose and do not represent the actual Gawker database.

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