How to Check an eBay Seller’s Reputation

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012

ebay seller feedbackBefore you buy something on eBay, you always look at the feedback score of the seller to get an idea about his past dealings with other eBay members.

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A high score usually indicates a good reputation of the seller in the eBay marketplace and you can further click the member’s profile page to read all the comments and ratings that have been left by other eBay members to whom he has sold goods in the past.

But that’s where confusion sets in.

Pick any random but popular eBay seller and you’ll find that he has hundreds of comments (left by buyers) on his profile page. Thus, it will be nearly impossible for you, the buyer, to scan them all to get an overall picture.

Enter Emosi Sosial, an online tool from eBay labs that analyzes the feedback given by other eBay members to a seller and turns that information into an easy-to-digest tag cloud as shown in the following screenshot.

[*] Emosi Sosial is an Indonesian word meaning “Social Emotions.”

The design of this site, with all the animated emoticons, may remind you of the Geocities era but the condensed information you get about sellers may come handy in your future transactions on eBay.

ebay seller feedback

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