New Features in Windows Live Writer 2009

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 16, 2008

Microsoft has released an upgraded version of Windows Live Writer 2009 as part of the Live Essentials suite. The popular blog writer, though still a step away from the final release, includes some new features that make Live Writer 2009 RC a worthwhile upgrade. Have a look.

Search Local Drafts and Published Posts

You will find the search-as-you-type function handy if you have dozens of unpublished posts (aka drafts) stored locally. Live Writer can also search through items that have recently been published without requiring Desktop Search.


Include Multiple Pictures At Once

This is a big time saver for bloggers who frequently include multiple images in their blog posts. You can now add multiple images to the blog post in one step or send them straight to your Live Photo Gallery and Live Writer will take care of the links.


Live Tag Suggestions

Tags can be confusing because it’s tough to remember their names across posts. Did I use "live mesh" for my previous post or "windows live mesh"?

To solve this problem, Live Writer includes live tag suggestions for WordPress blogs similar to Google Suggest. You type a character and it will show a list of all tags that you used in the past that begin with that character.


I am having some trouble getting this to work on a blog due some "Blog Server Error -32601 requested method wp.getTags does not exist." Will update when this is fixed.

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