Social Media Survey Highlights Differences Between US and Asia

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 24, 2008

A new social media study from Universal McCann published in AdWeek may come as a big surprise. It says that consumers in US and Western Europe like to watch created by others while people in Asia are more into the content creation side.

1. Despite the popularity of Facebook and MySpace, other countries dwarf the U.S. in joining social networks. The Philippines, Hungary, Poland and Mexico all boast participation rates over 75 percent, while just 43 percent have joined social networks in the US.

2. About a quarter of Internet users in America have uploaded a video to a site like YouTube. In the Brazil, 68 percent have done so. India, China, Mexico and the Philippines all boast video-sharing participation rates topping 50 percent. The results are similar for photo-sharing, where a little under half of US consumers have uploaded photos, far behind rates in South American and Asian markets.

3. A little over 60 percent of Internet users in the US read blogs, but just 26 percent had created one, compared to over 70 percent of Internet users who blog in South Korea and China. Consumers in Asian countries are also much more likely to read blogs: 92 percent of South Koreans read them. In China, 88 percent read blogs.

Am not sure about other Asian countries but it’s slightly tough to digest that more 50% Internet Users in India have uploaded a video onto YouTube.

Full story on AdWeek. It’s behind a subscription firewall but you still read the content from  Google Cache. Thanks Pranav Dharma from Startup Dunia.

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