Carry Your Google Reader Offline with Scoop, Supports Synchronization

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010
Browse your Google Feeds Offline with Scoop

Scoop is like an offline browser for your Google Reader feeds. Just associate your Google Reader account and Scoop will download all your subscriptions to the local drive so you always have access to stuff you want to read even in an offline environment.

You can also add tags to your feed items offline and they’ll will automatically synchronize with Google Reader the next time you go offline. The software is powered by Adobe AIR and therefore works on Windows, Mac or Linux systems.

Sync Multiple Google Reader accounts with Scoop

Google Reader power users will have little trouble getting familiar with Scoop since it supports the same J & K keyboard shortcuts for navigating feeds. You may even associate multiple Google Reader Accounts with the same Scoop client and all those feeds from one central location.

Add tags to Google Feeds while Offline

Scoop for Google Reader is still in beta and therefore has few drawbacks. For instance, the client is a bit slow and sort of freezes at the time of synchronization. Also, it won’t download images when switching to the offline mode. You can consider increasing the time duration between consecutive synchs to slightly improve the overall performance of Scoop.

For a Windows-only Google Reader client, also check out RSS Bandit – they just moved out of beta.

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