Press the Panic Button in FeedDemon To Reduce RSS Stress

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 21, 2007

Since I was offline the previous week because of the Bangalore BarCamp, a couple of thousand unread news stories and blog posts accumulated in my RSS reader.

When there’s too much stuff to read, I generally mark all items as read and hop over to Techmeme River or Scoble link blog to catch up with all the important stories.

But this time, a more elegant solution was in store – the Panic button.

feeddemon panic button

Nick has added a brilliant “Panic” feature in FeedDemon 2.6 that automatically triggers where you have lot of stuff to catch up. It will allows you to hide all unread items (by marking them as read) that are older than a certain time.

So you reduce RSS stress but won’t miss reading stuff that was published most recently.

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