Read Your Google Reader Subscriptions Offline with RSS Bandit

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

RSS Bandit is a full featured RSS feed aggregator that may also be used as a desktop client for Google Reader.

Sync Google Reader subscriptions with RSS Bandit

This is especially useful in situations when you are travelling to a place that has no web access – simply download all the feeds from Google Reader to RSS Bandit and read them offline. All actions like "marking items as read" in RSS Bandit will get synchronized with Google Reader automatically later.

This is like reading your Gmail emails outside the web browser in, say, Microsoft Outlook. You have access to all your mails in offline mode and any messages that you compose inside Outlook while offline will automatically be sent once you go online.

Now Google Reader is a Google Gears compatible application as well but the problem is that Gears will only download the text content and not the images associated with the feeds.

The first public alpha version of RSS Bandit obviously had bugs but most have been fixed in the final release.

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