Real Life Case Studies of the Blogging Industry – PDF Book

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 11, 2009

Boom and Bust In The Blogosphere (120 pages) is an interesting book on the blogging industry that analyzes in detail the reasons why some blogs have become so popular on the Internet and why some, despite potential, have failed.

Each blog is listed as a separate case study and the book not only looks at successful blogs like TechCrunch, Gawker, Robert Scoble, BoingBoing or Darren Rowse but it also analyzes blogs like PVR Wire, Blognation and Know More Media that were popular at one time but no longer exist on the Internet.

All the successful blogs equally have something in common: passion, voice, professionalism, something to share that others will find interesting, being part of the conversation, and being knowledgeable of things that are happening in the blogger’s chosen niche. The other commonality is that these people write. They have a background in writing, either as a journalist or as a novelist.

Those skills will do you well and are worth exploring at a community college or at a regular college. Building up your skills in marketing, writing, and journalism501 when you start blogging is in line with the approaches that have made successful blogs in general.

The printed version of the book – Boom and Bust in the Blogosphere – is available on for $17 but in case you are looking for a digital copy to read on you mobile phone, Kindle or your computer screen, here’s the PDF version that you can download for free.

Thanks Dan Morrill.

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