One Simple Trick To Increase your RSS Subscriber Count

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 6, 2007

Do you think that new people are no longer subscribing to your RSS feed though you are regularly feeding the blog beast with fresh content that’s unique and useful ?

David Bradley has a simple but effective solution – educate non-geeky users about RSS and what can they do when they see that orange RSS XML icon on a website.

Dave added a “What is RSS” link near the XML subscribe button and immediately noticed a jump in his subscriber base. His rationale:

I still get blank stares from friends and relatives when I mention blogs, rss, rdf, newsfeeds, and such, and even one or two web designer colleagues are yet to embrace the technology. Adding that “What is RSS?” post might just make all the difference between their never finding out and actually subscribing to your feed with Bloglines, Google Reader, or Firefox Active Bookmarks.

Most people still hit sites almost randomly while searching for their keywords in a search engine. So, make it easy for them to stick around. Add a “What is RSS?” post and bring them into the fold. Link

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