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PCW has a profile of John Chow John Cow who makes around 300k USD from a blog using Google AdSense and 100 other ad networks like AuctionAds and Kontera ContentLink. Surprisingly, John Chow is not on Google even for his own name outranked by John Cow. Excerpts:

“John Chow had limited success with his reviews-oriented site, The TechZone. But what Chow has learned running John Chow dot Com has helped him monetize The TechZone and his new TZZ Media advertising network. Taken together, Chow’s revenue streams are closing in on $1 million annually, making him a web marketing expert by any measure.

Chow has also assembled his income-earning techniques into a 59-page web book downloadable at Make Money Online is free, but it still makes money for Chow, thanks to its active web links that drive traffic to his site.” Link.

Published in: money

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