Windows Live Writer Tip: Insert Pictures in your Blog via Zemanta

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 14, 2008

Zemanta is a useful service that makes it easy for bloggers to find images, tags and blog posts that are possibly related to your own content.

windows live writer

For instance, if you are writing an article on "Olympic Games", Zemanta will pull relevant sports pictures and articles from the web that you can easily embed in your own story.

Now Zemanta has long been available inside the browser but now you can use this on the desktop with Windows Live Writer as well,

Zemanta for Live Writer comes as a plugin that integrates very nicely with your Live Writer blogging client and offers suggestions based on the title and body of your blog post that you haven’t published yet (see screenshot).

The good part is that all images suggested by Zemanta are from sources like Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, etc. and are often under Creative Commons license so you can safely embed them in your posts.

Microsoft Office users may also find Zemanta useful because you can pull images and relevant links for Word Documents or PowerPoint Presentations via Live Writer.

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