Increase Your Blog’s RSS Subscriber Count with Bloglines Tools

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 10, 2008

bloglines-publisher-rss Answer a Yes/No for these three questions:

Q 1: You have changed blogging platforms in the past – moved from Blogger to WordPress or from WordPress to Tumblr, etc?

Q 2: You changed your RSS Feed address (like shifted to FeedBurner or MyBrand) but some people are still subscribed to your old feed URL ?

Q 3: Your blog is syndicated via multiple RSS feeds though internally each of them points to the same content ?

If your answer is "Yes" for even one of the above questions, you may boost your RSS subscriber numbers with the help of Bloglines Publishing Tools.

The idea is simple. Say you have two feeds A and B. Tell Bloglines that you are the owner of both feeds and that one is duplicate of another. Bloglines will then automatically redirect all existing subscribers of feed A to the new feed B thus increasing the overall subscriber count of your new feed.

bloglines-tools To implement this, login to your Bloglines account and go to "Publisher Tools" under "My Account". Click the "Claim Feed" button to prove Bloglines that you are actually the owner.

They’ll ask you to put a "confirmation code" in the actual feed, re-discover the feed and give you the ownership. [extremely simple process] – repeat for all your feeds.

Once the claim process is complete, open the settings of your old feed and under "Duplicate Status" – select the address of your new feed. Save and you’re done.


To see all the different feeds that people use to subscriber to your blog, go to Bloglines search and select "Search for Feeds" from the search options. Then type your blog name in the search box and hit Go.

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