Small Bloggers Can Also Apply For Adobe PDF Ads Program

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 2, 2012

adobe-pdf-ads In response to our previous story on Yahoo! AdSense for PDF, Cynthia Tillo (Product Manager – Ads for Adobe PDF) shares some more details about the program.

Background: Ads for PDF embeds live contextual ads inside PDF documents that are distributed via websites or email attachments. PDF owners make money when readers click on the ads. Very similar to AdSense for websites but the ads do not appear when your print the PDF file.

Here are some more useful details about the service shared:

Ad enabled PDFs for International Users : Adobe is using YPN for serving contextual advertising inside PDF files and that program is currently open for US publishers. However, the ad-enabled PDF files will be available to anyone who has installed the English version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

Ads in PDF Disappear when offline : When you download an ad-enabled PDF file from the web and go offline, the PDF content can still be viewed inside Acrobat or Adobe Reader and without any ads. In future, Adobe could enhance this feature so that ads appear in PDF files even in offline mode.

Bloggers Can Make Money from PDF : This could be exciting news for lot of bloggers and small web publishers – the Yahoo! Ads for Adobe PDF is accepting applicants across a wide array of publisher types, including blogger publishers.

If you are syndicating your blog content as PDF, you may apply for the “Ads for Adobe PDF” program.

However, YPN is open only for US-based publishers who have a valid Social Security Number. Since Ads for PDF service is powered by YPN, the SSN pre-requirement applies here as well.

I am hoping that as YPN expands in other countries or if Adobe signs-up with other advertising networks (read Google), their Ads for PDF program will open for non-US publishers and bloggers. [Screenshot: PCWorld]

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