Add Blog Search Engines In Techmeme

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 2, 2009

techmeme-logo I use Techmeme several times a day to discover new tech stories but for some reason failed to notice a simple Preferences option that makes Techmeme even more useful.

*You can do something similar on Google Search through Customize Google.

To illustrate, this is the default look of any news cluster on Techmeme. You see a short snippet from the main story and then a list of blog sites that are discussing that story.


Now with preferences, you can add links to major blog search engines like Ask Bloglines, Sphere, Google Blog Search, Technorati and IceRocket next to each of the main story as shown in the second screenshot.


This will help you quickly discover other interesting blogs that too are discussing the same topic but never made it to Techmeme.

The Preferences option, located at the top right corner on the Techmeme home page, also lets you view titles of secondary stories in expanded mode.

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