BlogAds Invites Available

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 24, 2011

blogads logo BlogAds is one of the few advertising networks on the web that follows a flat fee structure instead of the CPC / CPM model.

Advertisers, who choose to advertise on blogs via BlogAds, need pay a fixed weekly or monthly rate and this is again set by the blogger – see example. The blogger gets 70% of the advertising revenue while the rest 30% is reserved for BlogAds like the standard agency model.

Getting your BlogAds Invite

BlogAds is the oldest advertising network for bloggers, they have been around since 2002, but it’s still open by invitation only. You need to find a BlogAds sponsor in order to become a publisher in the BlogAds network.

If you have blog that gets a good amount traffic and you are looking to get into the BlogAds network, please drop a comment on my Facebook Page – share your blog URL and your Page Views for December 2010. 

I have 5 BlogAds invites to giveaway and in case your blog gets selected, I’ll send you a message on Facebook with all the details. Thanks!

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