Being Number One in Google Search Makes a Big Difference

Wondering what’s the average CTR on Google? A report says that 37% of Google users will click on the first link listed in Google search page while a mere 12.5% will check sites that rank at number in Google.

April 29, 2011

A study from Optify [PDF] has revealed 37% of Google users are likely to click on your website link if it ranks at number one in Google search results pages while the CTR dips to 12.5% for sites that rank at position two in Google. The report also says that the average click-through rate for being on page one of Google is 8.9% while it drops to 1.5% for sites that appear on Google’s second page of search results.

Average Click-Through Rate on Google

Search Engine Watch has converted this CTR data into a caterpillar-shaped infographic [PDF] to help you visualize it even better. If you are an SEO company, you can probably use this data / graphic to convince your clients to further increase their search marketing budgets.

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