How Effective is Advertising on Facebook?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 8, 2010

I really like the Facebook Advertising system as it’s extremely easy to setup ads and yet I can easily target the exact audience that might be interested in reading my blog.

facebook ads

How Effective are Facebook Ads

I recently ran a short ad campaign on Facebook targeting users who are based in India, speak English and are working for tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo!, etc. Some 20k users met that criteria according to Facebook estimates.

The ad campaign was live for about 5 days and here are some numbers that will you an idea of how effective the ad was.

It was a CPC based campaign and since I had set my default bid slightly higher than what was suggested by Facebook, the ad did reach a large part of the audience.   The ad made some 350,000 impressions across various Facebook profiles but the real surprising part is that only 18 people finally clicked on the ads. That’s like a 0.005% CTR with the average CPC at $1.18.    

Maybe the ad would have been slightly more effective had I added an image to the creative or chosen a different demographic but performance of the recent campaign is obviously a bit disappointing. Here’re the numbers in detail:

Facebook Ad Impressions Number of Ad Clicks Facebook CTR

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