Create a Flash Catalog of your Favorite Amazon Products

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Before I get into the actual product, here’s how your Amazon Product catalog will look like on the web. You can navigate through the pages of this virtual catalog like other flipping magazines (e.g. Zinio) and if the pictures or text appears too small, you can always zoom-in.

  Amazon Product Catalog

Publish an Amazon Product Catalog

The product catalog is created using The idea is that you search and build a list of Amazon products that should be part of the catalog and this service does the rest.

It pulls relevant information about these products include the price, customer reviews, etc. from Amazon databases and puts everything in a beautiful catalog that you may also embed in web pages as a Flash widget.

You also have the option to customize the theme and cover art of your catalog to make them look more unique.


And unlike the print catalogues, you can also shop on Amazon through this Flip book catalog - you can collect any number of items from a catalog and it transports you to the Amazon website at the checkout stage. Obviously, the Amazon ID of the developer is included in the product links so he or she benefits from every purchase.

Here’s a live demo - just drag the top right corner to flip a page.

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Published in: Amazon - Embed - flash

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