Add Clickable Links In YouTube Videos Without Using Annotations

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

youtube links While it is possible to add hyperlinks on YouTube videos via the built-in annotations feature, the only problem is that you cannot link to external websites from YouTube videos – that links should either point to a video hosted on YouTube or to a video search page that’s again on YouTube.

This may be a problem especially for content publishers as cannot provide a "click here to read more" kind of link in the video where visitors may click to read the related story.

The problem however gets solved with LinkedTube, an online tool that lets you add hover buttons and links on YouTube videos while you embed them in web pages. Hover your mouse over the following YouTube to see LinkedTube in action.

Regular YouTube VideoVideo with Links

LinkedTube is actually a Flash widget that adds links and other sharing options to the standard YouTube video player. You could make it point to your own website or even sites like eBay in case you have uploaded a promo video to YouTube.

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