Your mobile number is going to change

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 14, 2008

Mobile DIgitsCome next year, and you may have to update all your mobile and phone directories as all mobile numbers will then have 11 digits instead of current 10 digits with ‘9’ being prefixed to all mobile numbers and thus ’99’ will become the first two digits of every mobile number.

The above plan is another testimony to growing mobile market in India with 8 million mobile subscribers being added each month and total subscribers to soon overtake that of US subscribers becoming the second   largest mobile market in the world.

However, the fixed line phone numbers would continue to remain as is it is. While all GSM and CDMA subscribers whether old or new, would now have 11 digit numbers.

All the new telephone operators like Unitech, Shyam Telelink, Videocon among others would be alloted series of number starting with 90 and 91.

Apart from India, China and UK follow 11-digit numbers, while USA has a more integrated pattern of common numbering plan with similar numbers for mobile as well as landline numbers, much like Tata ‘Walky’ and Reliance ‘Hello’. via

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