Yahoo! Enters Pay-Per-Click Advertising Market in India with Tyroo

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 18, 2007

While little is known about the launch of Yahoo! Panama in India, Yahoo! today joined hands with Tyroo Ads – an internet advertising company focused on Indian websites.

Yahoo! India has picked up a 35% stake in Tyroo and this could mean some good news for thousands of bloggers and site owners in India who are looking for alternatives to Google Adsense – Yahoo! could leverage it’s existing sales and marketing resources to bring more publishers and advertisers into the Tyroo program.

Tyroo, based in Gurgaon, offers a pay-per-click advertising program targeted toward Indian publishers but unlike Google Adsense, Tyroo is non-contextual. Their 4-line text ads appear quite similar to that of Adsense / Adwords. [see screenshot]

tyroo yahoo online ads

Tyroo is currently used by around 1200 web publishers but that number is likely to grow up soon now that Yahoo! is associated with the company. Tyroo expects to set up sales offices across the country and triple the team size by the end of this year.

Tyroo’s prominent publishers include Indiatimes, Naukri, Oneindia, Santabanta and Microsoft, Google, Tata AIG, HSBC, SimplyMarry are some of the bigger advertisers using the Tyroo advertising network currently. [Thanks Brian of Ogilvy]

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